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Challenges with Tissue Biopsy

Procedure and associated risks

Invasive, painful and the potential for complications.

Using tissue for tumor profiling

Up to 25% of tissue biopsies have poor or inadequate DNA quantity or quality to analyze, resulting in inconclusive results.

Time from procedure to results

Results can take up to 30 days, often delaying information needed to select the appropriate treatment.


Repeat tissue biopsy and associated complications can significantly increase the patient’s financial and emotional burden.

The Trovera Difference

The Trovera Liquid Biopsy Tests Enable Easy Detection of Clinically Actionable Mutations – EGFR, KRAS and BRAF – Without the Potential Pain, Risks and Cost of a Tissue Biopsy Procedure


Trovagene focuses on the actionable mutations EGFR, KRAS and BRAF, well documented in treatment guidelines, helping physicians select from amongst the most appropriate therapies available.


Trovagene’s proprietary technology enables industry-leading sensitivity with detection as low as 0.006%, or ten times greater than other currently available liquid biopsy methods. This sensitivity is the equivalent of detecting one cancer cell per 20,000 non-cancer cells.


Trovera quantitative test results enable tracking of mutation levels and trends before, during and after treatment intervention.


Liquid biopsies, utilizing urine and blood, allow for easy and frequent assessment of mutational status without the need for invasive, more time consuming procedures. Urine is the epitome of a noninvasive, replenishable, and convenient ctDNA source.

Liquid Biopsy Impacts Patient Care: Susann’s Story


See firsthand how the Trovera urine liquid biopsy test made a difference for a patient with late-stage non-small cell lung cancer, enabling her physician to make an informed treatment decision without the need for a repeat tissue biopsy.

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