PCM-075 Expanding Pipeline

Integrating Technology in Tumor Genomics with the Development of Precision Cancer Therapeutics

Our deep understanding of tumor genomics may allow for effective targeting of appropriate cancer patients, which, in turn, may improve patient care and outcomes. Our ctDNA proprietary Precision Cancer Monitoring® (PCM) technology allows us to uniquely measure, with high clinical sensitivity, circulating genetic fragments of cancer tumors in urine and blood.

Optimizing the Development of PCM-075

We have significant experience and expertise with biomarkers and technology in cancer, including AML. We are the patent holder of NPM1 for diagnosis and monitoring of patient response. NPM1-mutated AML is a genetic marker in leukemia and accounts for approximately one-third of all AML patients. We believe that developing precision cancer therapeutics with biomarkers offers improved commercial advantages. We plan to optimize the clinical development of PCM-075 by using our expertise and proprietary ctDNA PCM technology to develop a PCM-075 AML biomarker panel to identify and measure patient response to therapy.