NextCollectTM Overview

NextCollectTM is a first of its kind, proprietary urine collection and DNA preservation kit. By housing the preservative solution in the reservoir cap, we have created the first ever automated DNA stabilizing device for urine collection. Designed to preserve ctDNA in urine for use by clinical reference laboratories, the NextCollectTM DNA preservation kit is compatible with DNA collection needs (such as oncology, virology, urology, transplant, etc.)

Urine Collection Kit, DNA Preservation - NextCollectTM Box

Simplifying Urine Collection

The collection system consists of two easy to use pieces: 1) 250mL cup with graduated volume markers to collect the sample and 2) a screw cap with DNA stabilizing preservative secured by ultrasonically sealed film. Upon collection of the sample and closing of the cap, the preservative is released and mixes with the urine thereby stabilizing the DNA at room temperature for up to 14 days.

Current methods of collecting urine and stabilizing DNA requires the user to manually add an aliquot of preservative. Automating this step allows immediate preservation of DNA at time of collection, simplifies the collection process, and eliminates potential user errors. NextCollectTM allows for the collection of urine from patients not suitable for invasive blood or biopsy sample collection methods.

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NextCollectTM Urine collection and DNA preservations systems will be available to all Healthcare Providers who order urine tests from our CLIA/CAP-accredited laboratory. Additionally, Research Use Only (RUO) collection systems will be available and can be purchased for use in life science and research applications.

Urine Collection Kit, DNA Preservation - NextCollectTM Box