Trovera liquid biopsy tests provide actionable information about EGFR mutations, often associated with common solid tumor cancers, to aid you in choosing the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

The Trovera Difference

Clinically Actionable Results

Because our tests give fast and actionable results, you will have important information sooner so that you can select from the most appropriate targeted therapies, increasing the likelihood that patients will respond to therapy, potentially lessening exposure to side effects and improving overall survival.

Ultra-Sensitive Mutation Detection

When missing a mutation that can be addressed with targeted therapy is not an option, choose the most sensitive test available. Our liquid biopsy tests detect driver and resistance mutations as low as 0.006% sensitivity. That’s 10 times greater than other liquid biopsy methods available today.

Quantitative Results Reporting

Ultra-sensitive Trovera tests provide you with quantitative results so that you can track mutation levels before, during, and after treatment intervention. Reliable monitoring means less patient anxiety and uncertainty.

Noninvasive and Convenient Testing

Liquid biopsies, utilizing urine or blood, allow for easy and frequent assessment of mutational status without the need for invasive, painful procedures. Urine is the epitome of a noninvasive, replenishable, and convenient ctDNA source.

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