Challenges with tissue biopsy

Tissue biopsies may not be able provide the information you need – up to 25% do not have enough cancer cells to analyze – some tumors are difficult to access – patient health status may make it inadvisable. Trovera urine or blood liquid biopsy tests may be the solution.

The Trovera Difference


Noninvasive identification of clinically actionable mutations to inform treatment decisions.


Highly sensitive analysis of tumor dynamics.


Response to therapy, emergence of resistance mutation(s), disease progression, and minimal residual disease.

Critical information obtained with a noninvasive test option. Targeted, clinically actionable, highly sensitive and quantitative. Convenience of sampling from home with desired frequency. Faster turnaround time to get results and at a lower cost.

A Conversation with Physicians

The following videos feature perspectives of leading physicians talking about the advantages of liquid biopsy vs tissue biopsy.


Why is Molecular Diagnostics Important in Making Treatment Decisions for Patients with Metastatic NSCLC?

Certain mutations function as molecular drivers and disrupt the intracellular signal transduction pathway in a way that malignant transformation occurs. Those oncogenic mutations are not only of prognostic and diagnostic value, but they also help us to identify treatment targets.


What are the Benefits of Using a Liquid Biopsy Over Surgical Biopsy for Patients with Recurrent NSCLC and Metastatic Disease?

Tissue diagnostics can be complicated in certain settings, including tissue acquisition itself because of difficult-to-access areas like the bone, artifacts can occur by virtue of the tissue preparation and conservation of the specimen, and tissue biopsy procedures can be quite uncomfortable for the patient. Liquid biopsies, using urine or blood, may make it easier to identify driver and resistance mutations.


How might mutational results with a liquid biopsy based on circulating tumor DNA differ from those obtained through traditional tissue biopsy methods?

Liquid biopsies provide certain advantages over tissue biopsies: address tumor heterogeneity, allow for a more comprehensive molecular assessment of the tumor, avoid an invasive, often risky surgical procedure.

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