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The Trovagene Precision Cancer Monitoring (PCM) platform offers highly sensitive, noninvasive options for identifying and quantifying mutation levels in patients over time. By analyzing circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in urine and blood, we provide a systemic view of mutation dynamics enabling more effective patient management decisions.

Noninvasive Sample Types:

• Urine–only available from Trovagene
• Stable for 14 days at room temperature

Highly-Sensitive, Quantitative Testing:

• As low as single copy detection
• Observe mutation levels over time

Actionable Results:

• Applicable therapeutic options included on each report
• Complete patient test histories provided


Detection of the BRAF mutation using circulating tumor DNA.


Detection of KRAS mutations using circulating tumor DNA.


Detection of EGFR mutations using circulating tumor DNA.



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Trovagene test kits include everything needed for convenient sample collection. Order online or by calling 1-888-391-7992. Test results are returned approximately two weeks from receipt of sample.

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