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Test Pipeline

The number of DNA mutations that may drive cancers is vast, so we continue to focus on developing high-quality, noninvasive testing for mutations shown to play a role in cancer and for which targeted therapies are available.

In addition to existing assays for detection and monitoring of BRAF V600E, KRAS and EGFR, we are currently developing tests for other resistance mutations found in lung, melanoma, colorectal, and other cancers.

With a variety of collaborations among leading cancer institutions including MD Anderson, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, US Oncology, and others, our research teams seek to identify additional mutations for testing, and we welcome input from oncologists and others in academia.

Our testing pipeline is poised to grow in areas beyond oncology, with significant breakthroughs in the detection of HPV through urine. Potential screening and monitoring applications also continue to increase, particularly in the areas of prenatal screening and organ transplant monitoring.



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