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Application Pipeline

Trovagene is developing and expanding its cell-free molecular technology platform into a range of testing applications that can substantially enhance cancer monitoring options available to physicians.

Assays in Development

We are developing urine-based assays to detect mutations or signature profiles implicated in many types of cancer. These assays may prove extremely useful as an aid in the personalized management of patient care in various types of cancer, including colorectal, lung and pancreatic. These tests are ideal in circumstances where regular monitoring is recommended, including treatment response, non-response, disease recurrence and detection of resistance markers.
Current assays in development include EGFR, NRAS and PIK3CA. These mutations have a broad applicability across numerous cancers. For T790M and NRAS, there are several targeted therapies in development where treatment response or non-response is dependent upon the presence or absence of these mutations in primary or metastatic cancers.
Specific tests planned for development during 2014 include:
  • KRAS mutation detection and monitoring: These mutations are frequently found in pancreatic, colorectal, lung and ovarian cancers, among others. This assay is currently available in our CLIA laboratory.
  • BRAF mutation detection and monitoring: Found frequently in skin (melanoma), thyroid, colon and other cancers. This assay is currently available in our CLIA laboratory.
  • EGFR/T790M mutation detection and monitoring: These mutations occur frequently in cancers of the lung. T790M is a key resistance mutation that causes non-response to certain targeted therapies.
  • NRAS mutation detection and monitoring: The NRAS gene encodes the N-Ras protein, which regulates cell division. NRAS is a common resistance mutation found in melanoma, colorectal and other cancers.

Forthcoming Services

Cell-free molecular testing will make it easier to address important health problems worldwide and will lead to significant advances in personalized medicine for improved patient care. Trovagene anticipates that cf-NA analysis will have great utility in monitoring oncogene mutations following treatment, for detection of minimal residual disease, and for early detection of recurrence. 

Cancer Monitoring Applications Planned For Development


We plan to leverage our CLIA licensed, CAP-accredited laboratory as a development and commercialization platform.  Our novel tests are designed to provide physicians with tools for better monitoring of treatment response, development of resistance, and earlier detection of recurrence or progression.  This will be done based on tumor-specific mutations detectable in a patient's urine.
Antonius Schuh, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
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