About Us

Helping Doctors Help Patients

We believe that to improve health outcomes and quality of life, physicians and patients need noninvasive options for cancer monitoring before, during, and after treatment, in order to adapt therapies as cancers evolve.

"The promise of urine-based oncogene mutation detection and testing has the potential to be transformative in cancer care.”

Mark Erlander, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer

Options. They are what every oncologist and cancer patient wants. From treatments to diagnostic procedures, options represent a mixed bag of hope, risks, pain and costs, to name a few. But what if we could offer an option that promised to show doctors information regarding cancer evolution more frequently, without the complications and challenges of biopsy or imaging? To see how cancer is changing and evolving in response to treatment—real, quantitative data—from a simple urine or blood test. Giving physicians complete control to treat, monitor, and adjust as they deem necessary, for virtually any patient, in almost any circumstance.

This is the promise that drives us. This is the promise of Trovagene Precision Cancer Monitoring.